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Short Post

Dudes! I'm typing from my new laptop! Aaaah! This is awesome. :D Of course, the wireless connection was a huuuge bitch to set up -a three hour bitch, in fact. How sad. :C

Regardless, yeah, this post is basically a big ol' test. But while I'm here I might as well say ANYONE WATCHING THE NEW TOP MODEL SEASON? :DDDD

Omg, Celia is honest to god, my favourite model to ever be on the show. More than Joslyn, even! I love her look, personality, everything. I hope she gets far because guh, she's cool. After her my other favourites would probably have to be Aminat and Fo. I thought I'd like Allison but, uh, meh. Haha.

Anyway, bed. I'm pooped.

Nabbed from my bestest pal Andi--

1. Answer the questions honestly...no matter how embarrassing.
2. Post it in your journal
3. Have your friends fill it out too!
4. Did you really need instructions to figure this out?


Comment to this post and I'll tell you a song that I'd love to hear you sing in a karaoke bar. Bonus points if you make a voice post with you actually singing it. Remember to post this in your journal and lets keep the music going!

Also, ew.

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I totally wanted to use this GIF of Paulina as an icon to celebrate my love for this ANTM season (and because, oh em gee, don't you feel like you've done something good when you look at it? XDD) but alas, the file is too big. Oh what woe I feel.

Something's changing, I can feel it

To Kill a Mockingbird essay went well, I think. XD The minimum was 600 words and I got down 1300, so that's a start. Hopefully I'm graded high in comparion to some of the other kids in my class, too. I love them dearly, but...guh, some of them act so stupid half the time. It took one of the girls three months to realize Scout was a girl, and one of the other kids even complained they didn't know how to read. It's all In good fun, I guess...but, yeah. xD Sometimes I'm not too sure.

Also yay meme! Nabbed from Gabby; thanks bb. :D

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Michelle would never, never fuck a horse.

I bought a beanie yesterday and borrowed some glasses off a friend. Can you guess who I'm going to halloween as? :O

I'd make an epic joke about dressing as Sophie here but I don't think she wears beanies enough. XDD DARN.

So yeah, I'm going as Sid from Skins! There is no freakin' way I'll ever get close to doing him justice/looking like him, but at the very least it's a relatively easy costume. The party is...on halloween, I'm pretty sure. >_>; One of my friends is going as a beer wench in a puffy skirt. Yeah, I'm not too sure either. It should be fun, though! I hope. XD

And ew. Today I started my essay on To Kill a Mockingbird. I have to write about why Atticus is a good father...ugh. XD; It's been like, the most hillarious exam ever. The guy I shared a table with got a blood nose during it and the table went all red, so he ran off to the sick bay while the teacher cleaned it with a bucket and sponge...all while the class is trying to write. XD despite that, though, I think I got way too into it -my intro ended up like 300 words long (the minimum word limit is 600 XD), which means tomorrow I have 40 minutes to write 3 paragraphs and a conclusion. >_> I should be fine though. I just need to focus and hope no one in class loses a limb or anything.

Megumi's not on her period! I checked!

AHAHAHAHA. I am in love with what's happening in V8 at the moment. After two reports of practically nothing, we get what seems to be the second coming of the lighthouse massacre. XD It's pure gold; each of those girls is brilliant for going along with it. I almost want to have Mizuho run in, guns blazing just to asplode Rob's head even more.

BUT YEAH. Today was fuuuun. I went to the park with the fam. It was good seeing my cousins again, I love them so much. We only see them about once every few months, so it's always refreshing to just hang out. I got loads of photos but my camera's battery ran out, so, like...I don't know if they're good or not. Regardless, I had fun. Later on in the day I tried drawing a picture of my mum's boyfriend's mother and it came out kinda' scary. o_o; Mum says I'm a good drawer but I need to learn the meaning of flattery. :P

So yeah. At the moment I'm writing Mizuho! Ahh it's been so long since I've touched Word. T_T I've missed her quirkiness, so I'm glad I've gotten back into her so quickly. I really like where the post is going, so, uh, yeah. We'll see what happens.

Oct. 5th, 2008

Happy Birthday Andrew! :D



Darren Hayes was on Australian Idol tonight. I understand what Andi sees in him~ XD He's quite adorable.

Anyhow, MEME TIME YAY :D I think this meme is actually more controvercial than the controvercial meme, which is saying something...because, uh. It's not. XD



Today I spent exactly one hour and twenty six minutes on the phone with 'Martin' from Optus DSL Internet services. I think I'm going to lay down now T___T

sing if you're happy

This Frida Kahlo essay is turning into, possibly, my worst piece of writing ever. XD It sounds weird, but I hate it when teachers like, outline exactly what they want you to write in each paragraph, because then it comes out choppy and stuff. I can't get it to flow, but if I change it, It wont have all the info it needs. Graaaah.

I'm still enjoying art, though. It's a good release~ We're at the point where the teacher doesn't tell us what to do, but instead we do it ourselves. It's so liberating after like, 8 years of painting in-between the lines. >_> Fo instance, in my Mid-Semester piece I'm using a picture of Yuko Sakaki from the BR manga. XD I drew like, the grooviest picture of her in my book. I'll have to scan and post it sometime :O

In other news, lmfao, I just joined a Ganguro LJ Community in hopes of finding my V9OC's PB. . . *twiddles thumbs* I don't even need to say I'm a loser 'cos I'm sure it's fairly apparent by now. XD


I'll probably end up regretting this, buuuut--

Brutal Honesty Meme:

Step 1: Post this in your journal.
Step 2: others will reply anonymously ^_^ about what they really think of you.
Step 3: cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts.

Yanked from Sophie~ Thanks :3