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JellyStapler (4:55:29 PM): HEY, FAT KID. WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU IN HERE?
JellyStapler (4:55:45 PM): Fuuka: "I JUST WANT TO DANCE!" D:

David (1). I love you more and more each day. That was so unexpected and omfgwin. xD <33

I love chat so much. ;_; It makes me so happy, and tonight was like, the best in a long time. XD I've never laughed so hard. <333 D2LUL2+D1 ... I don't think that made sense... XD *shrug*


So...long weekend. :D This means I'll get to work on Kinuuuka~

Unf. ♥ I so totally love Shiina Ringo at the moment. I loved her when I first got her songs, then I went into a slump, but now I'm back! >:D They're, um, like jazzy elevator music, but I love listening to them! So relaxing and unique~ Her band (Tokyo Jihen) are really good, too.

Hm, umm, well, I got a digital camera for my birthday, so if my inane rambling just now didn't excite you, THIS MEME SURE WILL :D

Name up to 3 aspects of my life you want me to photograph. They can be specific or not so specific.

Mai was fucking beautiful, Genie. I will love her forever. . . ;_____;

Oh, also.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZARRAH ^______^Collapse )

All the best wishes for, um, ever. :3 Hope you have a great time and enjoy the picture~ XD


The more I see this video;

The more I know, deep in my heart, that the Three T's would make a freakin' hilarious band. XDXD

Um, what's up in the land of David, you ask? Nothing, as per usual. XD It's totally Zarrah's birthday soon, so I might do her something atrociously speshul >:D Aaaaand, um, yeah. This proves that Zarrah and Terue make my life more exciting than I do. ._.

Roman numerals suck >.

Thank you to all the guyzz who gave me birthday wishes :D In fact, thanks to all those that didn't, too XD You're all speshul and cool! :D

A Picture To Illustrate My HappinessCollapse )

Note the detail on his face :O


You know how some people are reeeealy good at something, but tell everyone they suck? That's not me. XDXD I'm not very good, and I know it. Hahaha.

I just found an old picture of Kinuka I drew at least 2 or 3 months ago, it's not too good... I mean, compared to L2 or Roppie or Sophie or Gabby's works. ._. Buuuuut I think it's sorta cute. XD She looks so sullen in it, though. :P

Enjoy! ^_^ Collapse )

Umm, yeah. Work tomorrow. I can't be bothered. Uuuuumm, OH, I saw Juno! ^^ Which I've been throwing all over the place. XDXD It's a really good movie. Some parts were a little awkward, but I think that's what it was going for. My favorite character was Juno's friend Leah, played by Olivia Thirlby . XDXD OMG She was hilarious.<3

Happy birthday, Shia!. ♥ You're totally cool. :D


All I have to talk about is work lately, which isn't really saying much about my personal life. Today I strayed far away from the mannequin and spent my time putting away underwear. XD It was much...much more relaxing than it should've been, so that's quite worrisome.

OH. Haha, I have a coworker named Lynn who works in fitting rooms, and she called another coworker grumpy gills (which was basically true. HA.). XD I chuckled silently for quite some time.

... And I STILL keep finding myself mouthing the words to HOT when it plays on the loudspeakers. R-R...Roooopppie. ;-;

So, um, yeah. To makeup for the overall dfjfbdkjshjk of this post, it's cool MEME time. :D :D :D :D

~Comment on this post and I'll write something I value in you, like about you, like about your journal, or something positive I think you need to hear about yourself.~

Partially because you're all awesome and I wuv you all heaps, and mostly to lure you into commenting. >:D



I went for a walk today, that's about all I did.

It was quite boring, and I did it bare-foot. There were many sharp rocks. D:

Somewhere along the line, my trail of thought ran along the lines 'Ohh, wouldn't (ouch) it be (ouch) cool if someone (ouch) invented a leather...type of (ouch) cover...for the foot, to stop (ouch) getting hurt.'

Hmm. >_>

Anyhow, I have a Kinuka post half in the works in my mind. XD I think I might wait for the report to post it~ <3 Regardless, umm, yeah. I think I'll wait for something relatively interesting to happen before I post in my LJ, next time. XD



First post for my LJ, yeeeey! Umm, I don't really know what to do because I've never had a journal before, so I'm gon' make crud up as I go, K? :D

Today was really good, and if my stomach didn't feel like it was riding a carousel I might even be saying I'm feeling great. :P I worked for five incredibly loooong hours, but my boss said I did surprisingly well. How cool is that?! ^^ Usually it's, 'yeah, okay. You can go home now.' '._.'. So this is AWESOME. :D I feel like a man. :D :D

...'cept I work in women's shoes 'n all. >_>

Another funny thing happened at work involving me and a mannequin. XDI had to take its pants off and it fell on me.

SO ANYWAY, all is good. My Mum and Sister are coming back from holiday soon, which means I'll probably have to do some cleaning. Blaaaaargh. My life is so dull right now. XD ♥